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Our couple bracelets to fall in love !

Make your half happy with these beautiful bracelet couple to show your love. This little gadget allows you to project on a wall Je t’aime translated in more than 100 different languages thanks to its lens. A beautiful romantic way to tell her how much you love her. 📿

An eternal love.

Why buy a couple bracelet ?

Nowadays, couples buy bracelets as a sign of their love, whether for matrimonial purposes or not. Having a couple bracelet not only defines your eternal love, but it also gives an impression of your relationship status. 💑
Now, if you are considering getting a bracelet for you and your beloved, this item is for you! We have received some tips on how to choose the best and most beautiful couple bracelet that will not only make your love love you more, but will also help you save money and time.

Be different and unique !

There is no rule that your couple bracelets must be exactly identical, you can ignore the cliché and choose a love bracelet that is not identical to each other. Wristbands for 2 non-identical lovers are not only a good thing for couples, but also allow you to identify who is whose (a common problem for couples who have the same bracelet size).

Should the couple's bracelet be symbolic ?

The couple’s bracelet is used as a symbol of union and marriage, but its design can carry the symbolism further. Also enjoy our brand new his and hers bracelet.
Your couple’s bracelet can represent the qualities that define you as a couple and expose them to the world. 💍

couple bracelets leather
A young couple with bracelets
Hands on top of each other with friendship bracelet

Personalize your couple's bracelet

This seems to be an expensive option and most people tend to ignore this advice.
There are different ways to create your couple’s bracelet from scratch, however, a talented jeweler can create your dream jewel. Many couples choose this path because it allows them to take into account their preferences and styles. The cost varies depending on the method chosen for personalization.

matching bracelets for couples

Where to buy your couple bracelet ?

Whether you purchase your personalized bracelet online or in-store, be sure to check the policies and after-sales services.
If you shop online, make sure there are HD images and videos of the jewelry so you can choose a fashion accessory with no visible defects.

Which precious metal to choose ?

Choosing the metal for your couple’s bracelet is also very important. There are many different metals available, all with different properties and styles to suit any loving couple ! 💎

Yellow gold

Yellow gold is a good traditional choice. Consider buying 18-karat, 14-karat or 9-karat gold, as these are combined with stronger metals and are better suited to the demands of everyday life. Of course, a 22-karat gold bracelet is often too soft to be worn every day.

White gold

White gold couple bracelets are often plated with rhodium to enhance their appearance. This plating will wear out over time, but it can be easily reapplied to give your jewelry a shiny, new look.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is created using an alloy of metals, which includes natural yellow gold, copper and sometimes even sterling silver and zinc.
These alloys can range from a dark, almost copper-red colour to a bright, pale pink colour, depending on the grades of the metals used in the alloy. This is a very distinctive look for couples in love.


This precious metal is becoming increasingly popular among couples. This white metal is extremely resistant and withstands daily wear and tear. It is rarer than gold and much more expensive, but a platinum wedding ring will last, unmarked, forever.
If you like platinum but are afraid that your budget will be exceeded, opt for a palladium ring instead. A popular alternative because of its similar colour, palladium is much more economical.

Other Metals

You want something a little more uncertain? Titanium, zirconium, black zirconium and tungsten carbide are other contemporary metals of the modern couple for quality costume jewellery.

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Best friends with bracelet

Our Concept, Our Story

Distance bracelets (likewise called couple bracelets, relationship bracelets or couple jewellery) are a set of matching bracelets for couples. The significance of range bracelets is that you bring a few of your love with you. You inform yourself that no matter how far apart you are, they value you and you will appreciate them. Separation bracelets are developed to assist reinforce enduring bonds of separation. As quickly as you wear a couple’s bracelet that matches your lover’s, it doesn’t matter if there is a country mile in between the two of you or not. You will both be in the presence of half of the other half whenever you look at your wrists. They help you to feel intellectually connected anytime and anywhere. That’s why distance bracelets are very common for couples who are going through a long separation and do not see each other as routinely. If you likewise have an enthusiast that you see every day, then couple bracelets work extremely well for you too. After all, isn’t it great to have something with you that helps you remember the other half in a significant method ?

No matter how far apart, nothing will ever separate you again

Although distance bracelets or friendship bracelet are produced couples, nothing prevents you from wearing them with your friends or loved ones. The significance of couple bracelets is to help you keep someone near you when that individual is away. This does not indicate that you have to remain in a loving relationship, you can use them to keep your friendship. If you have a good friend, bro, sister, mother, dad, cousin or any other special person you miss, you can use them. It is a dignified gesture to provide the other part of the distance bracelet as a true blessing and reveal them your affection.

These are just a couple of examples of the significance of couple bracelets, all of which are used to just remind numbers of the love they have for each other. They are also useful in the procedure of growing love for couples. A person who uses a bracelet of his/her partner feels liked even when the partner is not present.

Despite the appeal of these couple bracelets, there are steps to follow before obtaining a pair of comparable bracelets. The primary step is to have couples measure the proper wrist size. Then, couples choose the very best kind of wristband they choose and likewise tell the wristband producer what to include on the wristbands in case the couple needs customized wristbands.

Here I will try to describe the significance of couple bracelets and reveal the significance of each one.

Young couple planning a trip
couple with a lock and key bracelet

Bracelet Lock And Key

These bracelets have various meanings, but combined, they convey a very strong message of love. One bracelet has a part that is shaped like a lock and the other bracelet has a part that is formed like a key.

Customized couple bracelets

These kinds of bracelets are made of leather, depending upon the choice of the couple and the stainless steel plate. The stainless steel plate is customized to include the info about the torque. This details can be for example Sam’s love for Priscilla and the date they fell in love. The plate can also include a love quote that you both prefer or even your birthday.

Bracelet Couple Range Love

This expression adds intimacy to the couple because the couple can remember that they have an obligation to look after each other by merely reading the words on their bracelets. The spouse remembers somebody to whom she must reveal her love and love and the hubby remembers someone to whom he need to offer protection.