Couple Bracelets Matching Long Distance

Discover our collection of jewellery for couples composed of bracelets for men and women. Bracelets designed to be worn by two lovers to show their love. Made of costume jewellery or semi-precious stones, they are the witness of a strong and intense love between the two loved ones. Offering a couple a bracelet is the best way to say "I love you".

Long Distance Couple Bracelets

For Valentine's Day, a wedding anniversary gift, for the anniversary of a love encounter or a temporary separation, the couple bracelet will be a proof of mutual love between two lovers. We propose a whole range of Cord bracelet, heart bracelet, infinite bracelet, anklet, pearl bracelets, stone bracelet, leather bracelets or bracelet gourmet. We also have a minimalist unisex range such as the red Tibetan cordon which brings happiness and luck to the couple or a heart shaped bracelet. The couple jewels are composed of a man bracelet and a woman bracelet to match wonderfully well.

Wearing a bracelet on the wrists, they will prove an unfailing love between two people. A unique gift to offer to your half to share your love in your couple. Our bracelet jewels are handmade with high quality materials and natural stones. Worn on the wrist of each spouse, the love jewel will symbolize your bond. Lithotherapy bracelets with the benefits of semi precious natural stones (Tiger eye, Turquoise, Hematite, Lapis lazuli, Amazonite, Lava stone, Rose quartz, crystal...) are also available. These couple bracelets made of precious stone beads are ideal jewellery for an engagement or as a gift idea.

Each bracelet is adjustable (adjustable) at the wrist thanks to an elastic cord. Making a gift with a couple bracelet for Valentine's Day or any other occasion is a testimony of love above all. For more uniqueness, we offer bracelets that can be personalized with the first letters of your first names. We advise you to wear this type of women's jewellery with earrings, a bracelet, a necklace, a pendant, rings...

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Our collection of jewellery for couples is exclusive to You won't find any of these bracelets for couple at any jewellers, jewellery store / jewelry store or other online jewellery store. An ideal gift for your partner to show your love and feelings with a beautiful bracelet. Distance bracelets for couples are becoming more and more popular. We have even seen Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wearing matching bracelets. As space bracelets have become fashionable recently, not all brands and jewelry stores have them in their collections yet. That said, we have compiled a selection of the most popular bracelets for couples at this time.


The first couple bracelets are one of the preferred styles for couples because of their special significance. These bracelets are made of matte black onyx beads connected by a solid elastic band. The first bead is isolated by two smaller silver beads. These have the advantage that they come in four different lengths, in case you and your loved one do not have the same wrist size. A set of distance bracelets could not be prettier or more beautiful than this!


If you want beautiful bracelets for couples and you like simple and delicate jewelry, then these distance bracelets are perfect for you. These bracelets are made of strong rope and natural stone and are resistant to water, sweat and chemicals. Therefore, they are an optimal choice if you plan to wear your long distance bracelet on a daily basis. This simple bracelet wears a single 8mm natural stone bead on a rope that can be adjusted in length. They are available in 18 different colours and the set includes a beautiful poetic message, making this bracelet the perfect gift to give to someone you love.


This model of remote bracelet is the most classic and most appreciated. The design is very unisex and simple, making it suitable for most styles, for both women and men. The beads can be made in any material, but we especially prefer natural stone beads. Natural stone has a luxurious look compared to all plastic beads, which gives the bracelet value and a luxurious feel. The design of these pearl couple bracelets is like Yin and Yang, which complement each other perfectly. Isn't that what all lovers do? The number one bracelet is one colour with a distinctive pearl, which gives a nice contrast. The model of bracelet number two is the same, but with opposite colors. The distinctive pearl is "caught" on the other bracelet, so you always keep a fragment of your other half with you. You can find pearl bracelets in different colours for your convenience in our online shop.


The pendants say loud and clear: "You have the key to my heart". You have the heart, and your beloved has the key to unlock it. Padlock and key bracelets are also very popular with couples. These bracelets are especially suitable for those who want to be romantic with each other and are not ashamed to show them off. If you want to give your beloved a nice little gift, this is a great idea. Keep the heart-shaped bracelet on you and give them the key. It's such a romantic gesture, and you have few reminders to make.


The bracelet is made of white marble beads and has a pink and gold crown as decoration. On the second bracelet, every other pearl is a matt black onyx stone and every other pearl is a black lava stone. It also has a silver crown as an accessory. These two elements go very well together. If you both prefer to dress with class and elegance, these bracelets are made for you. Traditional colour combinations and a simple design make them suitable for any outfit.


This beautiful set of bracelets combines two trends: bracelets, pendant and key ring and the words "king" and "queen". If you feel that you are the queen of your king or the king of your queen, these jewels are made for you. The set consists of two adjustable black cord bracelets, letter beads and a keychain with a key and pendant. The manufacture is very homogeneous, which makes it suitable for all looks.


Beautiful and simple fancy bracelets with adjustable length. The black cord bracelet is adjustable to fit all wrist sizes. The bracelet is composed of two silver beads and a black bead with a letter of your choice. These first bracelets are ideal for couples and friends. You are also free to include your own initials or those of another person you love. A simple approach easily connects to any piece of jewellery or clothing and the initial of something meaningful lights up the mood every time you look at it.


We understand that long distance relationships can be difficult. You want to be close to your loved one, but you can't because they live far away. Long-distance relationships, no matter how difficult, can be very successful and very rewarding. That's where these distant bracelets come in: they help you stay in spiritual contact during a separation and help you remember the infinite love you feel for each other. They also improve your quality of life by filling you with happy thoughts every time you see a bracelet, because it reminds you of the two of you. The infinity pendant reminds you, well, infinity, which means that you have chosen to be together for eternity. Unless that is a sign of true love, we don't know what it is.


These heart rate bracelets are very simple and refined. An ordinary silver, gold or black chain is combined with a pulse pendant to create the most beautiful distance jewel. Wearing this jewel will allow you to visualize the heartbeats of your loved ones when you are apart. This bracelet will bring you comfort and make it easier for you to fill your void. The tender look goes well with other bracelets if you prefer to look fat.


They are for couples who are king and queen for each other. The pattern is quite striking, so if you are not used to wearing jewellery, this may not be the best choice for you. If, on the other hand, you both feel comfortable wearing these jewels, this is the perfect gift! They are made of stainless steel, which is very sturdy and resistant to water and scratches, making them perfect for everyday use. The men's version has a black plaque with blue zirconia and the inscription "Her King". The women's version has a pink and gold plaque with pink zirconia and the inscription "Her Queen". Super cute!